Multi branch, Web based, centralized - Orders, Billing, Inventory, Accounts, Service, Payroll and Production Management software.

Codex E.R.P is a multi-branch, web based, centralized - billing, inventory, accounts, service,  payroll and production management software. This software possesses the power of web based applications and simplicity of a desktop application. Codex E.R.P is specially designed for multi branch business chains. Codex E.R.P makes the inventory and account management easy as never before.

  • Masters are common to all branches, so minimum chances of duplicate entries like item, accounts etc. Not only that, master entry rights can be limited to certain users.
  • Stock transfer between branches is very easy as never before, no need to re-enter the data at the receiving branch. Just need to acknowledge the transfer.
  • Fund transfer between branches made very simple. Just need to acknowledge the fund transfer at the receiving branch.
  • Payments as well as receipts against purchase and sales in one branch can be made at another branch. The accounting part will be handled by the system. No need to pass manual journal entries.
  • Expense of one branch can be paid from another branch. Accounting between the branches will be automatically handled by the system. 
  • 4 level of authentication
  • Web based software with the power of desktop application
  • Multi branch consolidated reports
  • User wise and date wise transaction lock
  • User level access control. Can control which user can do what and when.
  • Transaction log (Who - when -what).
  • Voucher authorization provision.  
  • Credit management
  • Multiple price list management
  • Barcode generation
  • Product serial number tracking


Support Quotation, Purchase order, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Receipt Note, Sales, Purchase, Sales return, Purchase return, Production, Stock Transfer, Consumption, Physical Stock Correction vouchers. Product serial number tracking.


Service call registration, Item receipt with printout, Task Assign, service call transfer between branches, activity notes, service call outsource, bills


Supports Payment, Receipt, Expense Income, Contra, Debit note, Credit note, Journal, Fund transfer vouchers. Support cost centre. Bank reconciliation, Ledgers, Trail balance, Trading account, Profit and loss accounts, Balance sheet. Multiple branch consolidated account reports.


Attendance, Leave, Late cut, Loan, Salary Advance, Salary, Provident Fund. E.S.I.

Fixed Asset

Fixed asset register, Document handling, Reminder handling, Expense against fixed asset, Consumption against fixed asset. Fixed asset transfer. Depreciation.


Single click GST e-invoice generation 

Statutory reports

GST E-filing reports, GST summary reports. E.S.I reports, PF reports.